That ache deep inside

5189852243_f3a9858d9a_oThat ache deep inside
by Minna Von Walden

That ache deep in your chest that you get when you look at someone you love and all you can think of is how much you love them.

Yes, that ache. When you look at them and you are so overcome with love, that you want to touch them, hold their hand, hug them, and kiss them.

Yes, that’s the one. That ache in your chest, stirring all kinds of things inside you. Sometimes even tears, that unexpected need to perhaps cry because you are so filled with the emotions of love.

Sometimes love conquers you like that. You can literally feel your heart opening up for that person. Letting them touch parts of your heart that haven’t been touched before, not like that. When your love for that person has grown so much that it needs more space, more room in your heart. Those parts of your heart that are like a dry sponge, being drenched with a bucket of water. Like the sponge, your heart is being flooded with something new. You feel it in waves, or tsunamis. Your heart doesn’t know how to react, so it reacts with an overflow of emotion as these new parts of your heart open to this person. You’re sometimes left with an unbearable desire to pull them close and hold on tightly. Perhaps, in hopes that will calm the waves, or hold the overflow inside. Regardless, that need is there. The need to physically touch them, to hold them as your heart opens up to make room for more of the love that you have for them.



photo credit: via photopin (license)


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