I’m Sorry

6441103849_1247e3d012_oI’m Sorry
by Minna Von Walden

It was dark. A cool, hazy night that had just begun. I stood at the edge of the forest and remembered the first time I’d been there. I needed him. I needed to feel his love for me once again. We had stood here, he and I. The night was no longer night, the sun never setting. We came here, here to these trees, to the edge of the forest. This was where he had told me he would spend the rest of his days finding ways to put a smile on my face and light in my eyes.

He said he loved the way my eyes sparkled when I was happy. How it seemed to be that light came from each of those sparkles. And he loved it. He loved me.

I come to this spot often. Always alone. Always hoping I’ll find him here. The day he left, he didn’t even say goodbye. He didn’t give me a reason why. He was just gone. He vanished, leaving almost everything behind. A piece of paper, two words and nothing else.

‘I’m sorry.’


photo credit: Winter, the best season via photopin (license)