Monthly Archive: March, 2016

Falling out of love with you

Falling out of love with you by Minna Von Walden Falling out of love with you. It’s changing. Yes. It really is changing. I loved you so completely, so deeply, so unconditionally. “I… Continue reading

Did she?

Did she? by Minna Von Walden He dark brown hair pulled neatly away from her face. Flawless porcelain body carefully covered by a chocolate silk fabric. Her face innocent and shy. Delicate pearls… Continue reading

Hiding in the shadows of beauty

Hiding in the shadows of beauty by Minna Von Walden Hiding in the shadows of beauty. A canopy of roses, walls of evergreen. A gentle, warm breeze caressing her face and rustling the… Continue reading

Why do I care?

Why do I care, I’m… by Minna Von Walden I saw your arm resting across her knee. What? I ask myself, what is that? Why do I care? Why did my heart drop… Continue reading

Meet me in ten

Meet me in ten by Minna Von Walden I need to talk to you, meet me at my office in ten minutes. She was a little worried as she read his text message.… Continue reading

Was it real?

Was it real? by Minna Von Walden I think back to those days and remember you, Your smile, your laugh, your voice, your touch. Was it real? Were you real? Was what we… Continue reading

I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry by Minna Von Walden It was dark. A cool, hazy night that had just begun. I stood at the edge of the forest and remembered the first time I’d been there.… Continue reading

That ache deep inside

That ache deep inside by Minna Von Walden That ache deep in your chest that you get when you look at someone you love and all you can think of is how much… Continue reading

It’s permanent

It’s Permanent by Minna Von Walden Have you ever felt so helpless, so far gone that there was no hope? Hurting so badly that you wanted to die. Not to punish someone else,… Continue reading

Calling her name

She heard him calling her name. by Minna Von Walden A man’s voice in the crowd, calling her name. A voice she would know anywhere. Searching the faces, her eyes found his. His… Continue reading