And a smile

3892622326_80e47f3b94_oAnd a smile
by Minna Von Walden

She looks up and catches his gaze straight on her. He smiles a shy surprised smile and turns away. After a few moments of diverting his attention elsewhere he looks back her way, but she isn’t there. His eyes searching the room, finding face after face, none of them hers. He’d missed his chance to say hello.

What could have happened in that moment, what if he said hello when she glanced his way? Would she have still hurried away to whatever destination that must be eagerly awaiting her arrival? Perhaps she would be sitting across the table from him, smiling and engaging in conversation about the weather?

Could that have been the first of a thousands more? Did he turn away at the moment she was meant to find her future looking back at her? What if he’d held her gaze as her eyes met his? What if the smile was meant to be more than just a smile?


photo credit: River Was Filled with Stories | 220.365 via photopin (license)