This is my destination

7315230078_386aa3c837_oThis is My Destination
by Minna Von Walden

‘Women should never travel alone’, he said as I stepped from the boat onto the sea soaked wood boards of the dock. But, this was my destination, this was where I’d come to loose myself. The cold wood, beneath my shoes, the crisp air dancing in the curls of my untamed hair. I could feel the cold, deep in my body. With each breath, cold air invading my lungs like I was a territory to be claimed as a prized winning.

Beyond the docks, my eyes found what had been calling my name. Massive Norwegian spruce trees, a beautiful tree line that called to me like the flame called to the moth. The morning mist, still drifting through the branches and flowing through the needles like water through a net. The mist mingling with the trees made me thing of the way lovers become intertwined with each other. Where does the mist end and the tree begin? They called to me, like sirens called to sailors. They called my name with such perfection. Inviting and mesmerizing, a tone so beautiful it captivated my soul.

The rest of the world fell away. No longer acknowledged by my brain. I began to walk. Each step, I was closer to the call. Closer to that beautiful like of mist covered trees. To the sirens that called my name. ‘Come closer, come closer, be with us. Let go of who you are and walk closer. Forget the past and let the mist cover you and blanket your delicate skin.’

This was my destination, the place I’d longed for, dreamed of. Where I’d lose myself and find a new me. My destination.

photo credit: Sun Behind Arlberg via photopin (license)