Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Please stay with me

please stay with me. by Minna Von Walden Stay with me. I need you. I need for you to stay with me. I know I was wrong. I know I hurt you. I… Continue reading

The right time

The Right Time by Minna Von Walden There are so many things that I want to tell you, but I can’t find the words or the right time. Things that come to mind… Continue reading

A cold December

On a cold December. by Minna Von Walden A cold December morning, sunlight creeping through the shades, warm sheets and cozy blankets. She rolls away from the sunlight, stretching her arm across the… Continue reading

The struggle she didn’t know she had

The struggle she didn’t know she had by Minna Von Walden Her day had been hard, stressful, and very challenging. She often struggled with her day to day activities. Her silent struggle to… Continue reading

No Passion

No Passion by Minna Von Walden Her lips touched his A moment of tenderness From her lips to his Met with a chilled firmness A tight lipped coldness In his kiss, no passion… Continue reading

Letting go of it

Letting Go of it by Minna Von Walden To successfully move on in life, you must fully let go of the past. Past regrets, past loves, past grief, past happiness, everything. You can… Continue reading

Can I call you?

Can I call you? by Minna Von Walden They sat through lunch, talked, laughed, and enjoyed each moment. She liked his smile, he smiled so brightly, his eyes shining as brightly as the… Continue reading

Whispers in the dark

Whispers in the Dark by Minna Von Walden Everything is black and white with just a bit of gray Day and night with a little dusk and dawn Darkness and light with a… Continue reading

The Slide

The Slide by Minna Von Walden There was no sunlight, only the flickering light from atop the hill, and the moon. I saw a slide made of sand, with bumps and hills, just… Continue reading

I’ll do better

I’ll do better by Minna Von Walden Today will be different. It will be different, I promise. I’ll do better. I’ll stop making excuses. I’ll make sure you have a true smile on… Continue reading