Monthly Archive: January, 2016


Walls by Minna Von walden How many times shall I do what I always do? How many? My heart is fragile, safe behind the walls. Stone cold, thick, massive walls. Pebbles. Stones. Bricks.… Continue reading

To the Mirror With Tears

To the Mirror With Tears by Minna Von Walden She stood in front of the mirror, looking at her reflection. Watching the tears fall from her eyes. She felt like she was invisible,… Continue reading

Silver in your hair

Silver in your hair by Minna Von Walden Tonight as we lay in bed, exhausted from an emotionally painful day, my heart finally feels a tiny bit of relief. We almost lost each… Continue reading

Help Me

Help me by Minna Von Walden Help me never to forget this feeling in my chest. My heart swirling with something almost too great for words. Just a simple thought of you and… Continue reading

It’s Hard to See Through the Tears

It’s Hard To See Through The Tears by Minna Von Walden For years, I’d put away my pen and paper when I was sad or heartbroken. I’d say, ‘it’s hard to see through… Continue reading

Afraid You Will Grow Tired

Afraid You Will Grow Tired by Minna Von Walden I start to worry at times, that I’ll loose you. That I’ve been too difficult and you will decide I’m not worth the trouble.… Continue reading

Crystal Cage

Crystal Cage by Minna Von Walden He saw the pain in her eyes. The silent screams for help. As the world watched her slowly fade away, he studied her face. Her eyes watched… Continue reading

Desire to be free

Desire to be Free by Minna Von Walden The desire to be free to dance about the earth, the same as the sunshine as it pours through the clouds dripping from cloud to… Continue reading

Am I What You Want?

Am I What You Want? by Minna Von Walden You know, every day will not be like this. We won’t always smile, there will be sadness. Sometimes, you are going to get mad… Continue reading

That Kind of Man

That Kind of Man by Minna Von Walden She always found a spot at the back of the restaurant, out of the way, away from most people. Eating alone, as usual, she watched… Continue reading