He was gone

10842382673_660dc92c64_oHe Was Gone
by Minna Von Walden

It was a beautiful summer day. A clear sky above, with warm beautiful sunlight trickling down through the air. The walkway from the driveway to the house lined with Arizona beauty and dust. Laughter filling the small space as she made her way to the house at somewhere between a stroll and a skip. Her smiles and her joyful giggles, sincere as she ended a great day spent with her best friend.

At the front door, she clumsily missed the lock with her key and the keys fell to the ground, as they had so many times before. Another laughing smile a she joked with her friend about how she can never get the key in just right. Her best friend laughing in agreement as the lock turns and the door opened into a foyer, with his office directly ahead.

She felt her knees shake and her legs begin to lose their ability to hold her. A pain rushed over her, an emptiness devouring her at a speed so great it could not be stopped. What she saw, created pain in her chest, like a hot probe plunged into the center of her heart and viciously retracted, taking with it everything that held her heart in place. Everything that kept her heart from falling from her body. She felt her stomach rush to her lungs and her heart drop to her feet. Her lungs tighten and refuse to breathe for her. She saw the emptiness of their home, his desk removed, his shoes absent from the floor. Rooms missing pieces, the coat rack missing coats. The house bare of anything that spoke of his existence. His possessions gone, removed from every corner of their home.

He was gone.

As realization came more clear, she found it even harder to stand. In disbelief and panic, she held her chest as tears streamed from her eyes, down her cheeks. She cried out his name as she began to fall to her knees. Her friends arms around her, holding her and consoling her breaking heart. They both fell to the floor as her heart began to feel what her brain already knew.

He was gone. He’d left.

Deep in her heart, she knew this day might come. She’d known from the beginning that even her love couldn’t hold him in one place for very long. But she had let herself believe that just maybe, just maybe she was enough.

Sitting against the wall, in the arms of a friend, words fell from her lips as the tears fell from her eyes, words of her need for him to stay. Desperate pleading for his return.


I need you…Please!!