Do You Remember?

4280882745_ec4aa741c4_oDo You Remember?
by Minna Von Walden

Do you remember, do you remember the day you fell in love with me? Do you remember the cool crisp air, the dark clear sky above? I could see everything. The twinkle of the stars in your eyes. The magic of the universe looking back at me through your eyes. Far away planets and distant stars. Burning comets and a thousand suns of a thousand planets. Universe after universe, all packed perfectly in your eyes. Placed there by the creator, for me to find. Like a world I’d never seen before, but longed for my entire life.

I had found something in your eyes. A panoramic view of the place I was meant to be. The place I’d longed for all my life, I found it in your eyes. The thousand burning suns of the thousand planets. The universe and all of it’s stars, there, in your eyes. The place I’d never been. The place I belonged. The place I’d call home.



photo credit: Travelling Woman via photopin (license)


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