by Minna Von walden

How many times shall I do what I always do? How many? My heart is fragile, safe behind the walls. Stone cold, thick, massive walls. Pebbles. Stones. Bricks. Anything to build this fortress of protection. You’ll never get in, I promise you, you’ll never get in. I won’t let you, I won’t show you the door. You’ll never find it, I won’t let you in. You’ll never find it. I’m far too strong for you, far too strong to give you the way in. You’ll never get in, not through these wall, the walls that protect my terribly fragile heart. I won’t allow it, I never do. Why should I? It’s safe, safe and protected by these grand walls of stone and brick. Safe from the hands of everyone. Beating here, alone, strong, yet delicate. I protect it, I always protect it. How many times, how many people will try to find a way in? They will never succeed, they can’t find a way in, the way into this fortress.




photo credit: via photopin (license)