Far too long

499293272_3cff80d855_oFar too long
by Minna Von Walden

I keep finding myself wanting to talk to you. But, I don’t have anything specific to say. I miss talking to you. I miss our conversations, and I miss You. There’s a vision that creeps into my consciousness, like a slow freeze as it spreads deeper across a lake. It pulls me into a daydream, a make believe reality where the same ten seconds are played over and over again like a movie repeating a tiny scene, stuck, unable to play forward and unable to stop the loop. A black and white film. Presented by my dreaming mind and directed by the heart locked securely in the cage of my chest.

It reminds me of an old production where the leading lady suddenly and most unexpectedly runs into a man who has been gone for far too long. But, unlike an old black and white movie, I can feel your arms encompassing my body. I can feel the softness of your freshly shaven face as I hold it in my hands. I can detect a heavily beating pulse under the tips of my fingers. Eagerness coupled with passion, overtaking us both. Our lips ready to greet the other, to quench that thirst and suffocate the loneliness we have felt for far too long. So close I can feel your breath on my mouth. So close, but never touching. That dreadful loop starts over right there! Again! Your arms, my hands, your face, our lips. Then your arms, my hands, your face, our lips. Your arms, my hands, your face, our lips.



photo credit: Foggy haze in Paris via photopin (license)