Silver in your hair

8409353231_a41a817ca7_oSilver in your hair
by Minna Von Walden

Tonight as we lay in bed, exhausted from an emotionally painful day, my heart finally feels a tiny bit of relief. We almost lost each other today. Doubt, hurt feelings, and angry words almost ripped us apart. We somehow made it to each other’s arms though. I was reluctant to open myself up to you after such a day, but I lay there in bed beside you. Even if no words were said, I could feel your apology. I could feel it in your gentleness as you tried to hold me. I could feel it in the way your lips touched my forehead as you kissed my skin.

I lay there, not wanting to forgive, but needing you just the same. We had been there for what seemed like an eternity, when I began to feel my need to love you outweigh my unwillingness to forgive. I have been so angry and hurt by these things that almost ripped up apart, that I was blaming you more than I blamed the two of us.

You leaned closer to kiss my forehead again and as your lips touched my skin, I lost all resolve. My lips found yours and we kissed, gently and passionately. We kissed for a long time, gently. We began to make love as we kissed. We took our time with that too, gently but passionately.

We ended up in a heap of arms and legs intertwined in perfect harmony. As we lay here, wrapped in each other, I feel some relief and I feel hope. I feel regret and I feel sadness for my part in the pain of today.

Our faces touching, our arms wrapped and holding tight. I open my eyes and I see your face and the edge of your closed eye, your ear and your hair. I see the sprinkle of silver in your dark hair, sparkling in the dim light of the night. I realize how much I love everything about you, even the sprinkle of silver in your hair.




photo credit: another sleepless night via photopin (license)