Crystal Cage

15309403405_4d32a9e2d9_oCrystal Cage
by Minna Von Walden

He saw the pain in her eyes. The silent screams for help. As the world watched her slowly fade away, he studied her face. Her eyes watched him, silently begging for him to understand. He saw desperation, almost fear, maybe it was fear. He couldn’t be certain.

Her golden hair floating about, falling in her face and floating around her head as she swished around in the water. The glass surrounding her, holding the water in. Holding her captive for the audience to see. She watched his face as he watched hers. Afraid she would die here. He tried to think of ways to save her. He looked around at the crowd gathered around her crystal cage. It was him against the crowd. He couldn’t save her.

Her hands pressed against the glass, he moved closer. The pain in her eyes entered him like fire. A quiver of her lip and he moved closer still. His hands on the glass, wanting desperately to save her from this horrible death.


photo credit: IMGL8435-Edit via photopin (license)