Am I What You Want?

Am I What You Want?
by Minna Von Walden

You know, every day will not be like this. We won’t always smile, there will be sadness. Sometimes, you are going to get mad at me, and I will too, I’ll get mad at you. I’ll make you cry. I won’t mean to, but it’s going to happen. That’s just how life works. It’s how we are made. It is tough, confusing, and hard as hell. But, my dear, it’s all the good stuff too. It’s the smiles and the kisses and the blissful days. Is that what you want, am I what you want? I promise to always do my best to keep a smile on that beautiful face of yours, but sometimes, for those rare moments that I fail to, will you forgive me. Will you be able to forget about it and just remember the times I made you happy? Will you believe in me, in us? Is that what you want, am I what you want?

photo credit: Melancholic via photopin (license)


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