That Kind of Man

5189506712_5cf9e28878_oThat Kind of Man
by Minna Von Walden

She always found a spot at the back of the restaurant, out of the way, away from most people. Eating alone, as usual, she watched as others came and went. A couple in the booth close by caught her attention.

The way the man looked at the woman he was with, made her feel a hint of jealousy. They laughed and talked with each other. He would lean in and listen intently as the woman spoke.

She contemplated her own situation, as she sat there, alone. She wanted that, that kind of love, that kind of man. She had wasted her heart on men that would never give that to her. Her own fault actually. She could demand more. She could demand what she knew that she deserved, but she hadn’t. She had just always taken what she was given.

The couple got up to leave. The man took the woman’s jacket and held it as she turned and stood with her back to him. He helped her into her jacket and smoothed out the shoulders as she buttoned the front.

She wanted, that kind of man.


photo credit: Intercontinental sofa (4/4) via photopin (license)