Silently Thankful


Silently Thankful
by  Minna Von Walden

I love falling asleep snuggled up with you. I love waking up to the sunrise and to your face. I’ve never been one to enjoy the event of waking up. Not in the morning nor anytime before the sunrise. But, when I wake up with you right there, by my side, I appreciate the gift of opening my eyes yet another day. I’ve even come to enjoy being awakened by sounds in the night, a storm, a neighbor or the TV that was left on. Even being awakened by the cold or because the room gets too warm.

Even with a storm raging outside, a neighbor being loud, or annoying sounds from the TV, I’m still ok with it. I’m thankful, even. I’m thankful for those few minutes of lost sleep, even if the temperatures drop or rise, because those are extra moments to enjoy you. So, I find myself silently thanking the storm for raging, the neighbor for being loud, the TV for being on, and the room for being too cold or too hot. Silently expressing my gratitude for the disruption. For waking me from my slumber to bless me with just a few extra minutes of you.



photo credit: via photopin (license)


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