Monthly Archive: January, 2016


Breathlessness by Minna Von Walden Breathless, lovely painful breathlessness …your eyes, mesmerizing I am breathless …your lips, as they speak, I am breathless …your neck, to kiss, I am breathless …your chest, I… Continue reading

His gaze

His Gaze by Minna Von Walden Sitting at a table alone Her mind somewhere else He watches her from a short distance Wondering what she’s thinking The softness in her movements The peacefulness… Continue reading

When life gets hard, will…

When life gets hard, will… by Minna Von Walden When life gets hard, will you hold my hand? Will you reach for me when everything falls apart? Will I always be the smile… Continue reading

He was gone

He Was Gone by Minna Von Walden It was a beautiful summer day. A clear sky above, with warm beautiful sunlight trickling down through the air. The walkway from the driveway to the… Continue reading

Waking up to his face

Waking up to his face by Minna Von Walden I love waking up to his face pressed to mine. We all have instances where it’s nice just to occupy or space alone, but… Continue reading

Not Lukewarm Love

Not lukewarm love by Minna Von Walden Lukewarm love happens every day. I want you to love me like that love is a fire in your chest. Consuming your body in the flame.… Continue reading

The world stopped

The world stopped. by Minna Von Walden Pale pink arms, bare against the summer air. Chestnut hair blowing in the ocean breeze. The smell of salt, the sounds of the ocean. Sand under… Continue reading

Tender Kisses

Tender kisses  by Minna Von walden He brushes his hand along her shoulder as he sits down beside her. Leaning in close as if a secret is about to be shared. Her hair… Continue reading

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember? by Minna Von Walden Do you remember, do you remember the day you fell in love with me? Do you remember the cool crisp air, the dark clear sky above?… Continue reading

Far too long

Far too long by Minna Von Walden I keep finding myself wanting to talk to you. But, I don’t have anything specific to say. I miss talking to you. I miss our conversations,… Continue reading