Do you need him?

Do You Need Him?
by Minna Von Walden
‘Do you need him?’

‘Anna, is he the air in your lungs, the face you see when you close your eyes? Is he the memory that keeps you awake at night, the scent that lingers on your skin even when its not really there?’

‘Tell me, woman, what is your first thought when you wake from your slumber?’

Anna hesitated before answering, ‘He is, the taste of his skin, the sound of his voice, the way his skin feels to my finger tips.’ As Anna spoke, she heard her own words flow from her lips. The lips that loved nothing more than to find themselves on his skin. To kiss his hand as they sat alone. The simplest gesture, but it sent chills through her body that always awakened emotions and instincts in her, that no other kiss ever had. Her lips finding the warm skin of his neck, that sweet, sensitive spot just below his left ear. Breathing in his scent as her soft, gentle lips touched his skin. It never failed to accelerate her heartbeat and send lustful sensations through her body. Her lips finding his, his breath dancing across her skin would set her on fire, from her soul to the tips of her toes.

She thought to herself, oh God, I need this man. I need him like air, like life, like the water in all the earth, I need him.

As she opened her mouth to speak, to answer the rest of the questions she’d been asked, she contemplated her answer and what it would change. She closed her eyes and thought only of him. For a brief moment, she allowed herself to imagine her life if she could have him unconditionally. She saw his face and she felt the feelings he awakened in her. For a moment, she let herself believe it could be a true reality. For a moment, just for a moment.

‘Anna! Answer the question. Do you need him?’

Anna’s eyes opened abruptly, her heart pounding with fear. She began to speak. To speak words that caused her soul to weep and her heart to lock away her memories of her time with him.

‘No, I do not need him.’

The words fell from Anna’s tongue like embers from a flame. Burning her. Leaving blisters that no one could see and only she could feel. A pain so intense she thought it just might kill her. Because, oh God, she truly did need him.


photo credit: lights via photopin (license)