Love in Monochrome

5611225599_b1e1007d37_oLove in Monochrome
by Minna Von Walden

Sometimes we experience a juncture in our lives where there is some darkness, a little brightness and a whole lot of gray area. Love in Monochrome is just that.

I looked for you, I needed you but you were not within reach. I felt a lot of darkness, and I lived in the shadows. You brought in the light. You were like the sun to me. Where darkness and light met, there, we found the grayness. Not light but not quite dark either. As you pulled me from the darkness, the fine lines and gray area became even greater. You were the sun to me. Life giving sunshine to a blooming flower. Every petal, starving for just a glimpse of the warm bright rays of light. You were the sun and I was the flower. What we did wasn’t something average but not completely great either. But our actions did do something, even if it was simply to create a life of Monochrome.


photo credit: H A N N A via photopin (license)