Not Yet

22232143305_b29e748f68_oNot Yet
by Minna Von Walden

She found herself sitting in a crowded gymnasium. It was full of children, parents, aunts and uncles, and so many other people. Sometimes she really enjoyed these things, the simple things in life. Today, she wasn’t so sure. She had arrived alone, made small talk with other parents as she passed them along the way. One mom explaining to her how crowded the building was and telling her to hurry and find a seat before the good ones were all gone.

She hesitated before catching a glimpse of a man she knew. He had already found her, easily, as if he’d been waiting for her to walk through the doors. He probably had been. He was doing his best to make her his girl. He had saved her a seat on the second row, right beside him of course. He was trying so hard, but she just was not sure that she was even ready for a relationship right now.

They talked about the kids and how they were doing in school, general stuff, but he was genuinely interested. He took full advantage of the crowded room and the close seating by sitting as close as possible but still maintaining appropriateness. He leaned in closer and reminded her that she needed a boyfriend. He looked at her with that sweet smile of his and held his hands open as if saying, “Here I am.” Oh, but if only it were that simple! Any woman would be lucky to have him, but she just didn’t think that she was ready for it.

Over the next couple of hours, she felt him move in close and then back away. His arm around behind her but only momentarily touching her. His hand on the seat between them, making contact with hers, lingering there, not moving until she moved hers. He made her feel good, he made her feel needed, but she just wasn’t ready. She just wasn’t ready to take the risk of giving another man access to her heart. Not even this one, not yet.


photo credit: Life in Black and White via photopin (license)