Hold Onto the Pain

16428905129_2ba407d2dd_bHold Onto the Pain
by Minna Von Walden

When my heart is broken, or even just a little bruised, I try to hold onto that moment, or moments. What it feels like, how it hurts, and why. What caused the pain? I hold onto it. The pain. Not because someone hurt me, but I remember it for another reason. I keep the memory of the pain in my heart; fresh and open. I don’t want to cause that pain for someone else, so I hold onto it. I keep it, I look at it, I remember it. I remember how it got there. I hold onto that too. I keep it fresh in my heart so that I never do the same thing. So I do not do the same thing that caused me pain. I don’t want to cause that pain to enter someone else’ heart. I don’t want to be that pain for some other trusting heart. So, I hold onto it, I remember it, I keep it.



photo credit: she wasn’t going to please anyone via photopin (license)