This Life is Not Mine

This Life is Not Mine
by Minna Von Walden

Why, Why must I be here? Why was I placed in this life, this body, this life? Will I ever have happiness? A complete life, the love, success and happiness that other people have? Why was I cursed with this pain, this hardship, this life? Oh heavens above, I was born in the wrong body, I wasn’t meant for this life. My thoughts don’t fit this life that I’ve been given. I was meant for much more than this simple poverty of life. I was meant for more, yet I deny it. I walk away from riches and shy away from those who could give me more than I was born with. I was meant for more than this, but I refuse to accept it handed to me. Then why should I complain for being born into this wrong body? Heavens, I pray. I pray that I find a way out of this incorrect placement of my inner self.

But for this, I should understand that perhaps I’d dislike myself if I had been first placed in the life I think I was meant to be born into.

photo credit: Red doors via photopin (license)