The Girl and the Fish

7157503251_eb75cc0c87_oThe girl and the fish

In a room full of people, she feels watched, surrounded like the entertainment. Small like a fish gazed at through thick glass. She becomes jealous of the fish. It can hide in the ornaments of it’s tank. Her tank is empty of any other pretty thing. No shells to swim under, no leafy plants to surround her. Her tank is empty, empty of everything but water.

She feels it shrinking around her. The glass coming closer and closer. She feels the cold hard clear walls against the side of her face. Her palms pressed firmly, pushing against the glass. She can’t stop it, she can’t escape. She only endures as she drowns in the shrinking tank. Her body collapsing, the air leaving her lungs. She tries to scream, but they don’t seem to hear.

Looking through the glass, watching her drown. Wondering to themselves, what’s wrong with this fish, she looks like she is drowning. Doesn’t she know that all she needs to do is to breathe? What does she think she is? A girl in a bowl?

Her hair sticking to her face, lungs desperate for air…



photo credit: high desert via photopin (license)