Lethal Flaws and the Almost Impossible

3378049851_3e77124182_oLethal Flaws and the Almost Impossible
by Minna Von Walden

I wonder sometimes why it is so difficult to find happiness. Why do I always find lethal flaws in a relationship. Why do I look for them. Then I remember, the answer that always stares me in the face. That standard, set so high, that it’s almost impossible to meet. Almost impossible. Life comes at us at an alarming rate. So fast sometimes that we don’t even know what hit us.

Arms to hide in and a safe place to rest can mean the difference between standing tall and being knocked to our knees. Our shoulders straight or our face in the dirt. Without those high standards, there would be more room for doubt, dishonesty, and disappointment. What if there are arms, but they don’t hide me from the world. A place to rest, that keeps me awake. Maybe I look too closely at each quality. Maybe I sabotage my every chance at love. Maybe I let go of many great people because I found a lethal flaw. Maybe I said no to all the wrong people and I’ve saved a spot for the ‘Almost Impossible’ that is just a little bit possible and real.

photo credit: Spring is Here via photopin (license)