What is?

15494883786_2786f11793_oWhat is?
by Minna Von Walden

What is spring without color
Without flowers to bloom
or sunshine to soak up
No beautiful colorful blossoms
Or the sweet smell of rose buds
To tell us that winter is over.

What is life without love
Life without arms to hold
or hands to caress
It is the absence of
a sweet touch of a lovers fingertips
A sensual tingling across the skin
that says we are not alone.

What is Autumn without orange & red
Without the leaves on the ground
or cool crisp evening air
The cool breeze drifting across our skin
Leaves rustling about the ground, in the trees
and falling to the ground with great beauty.

What is passion without a kiss
Without the great need
to be close as possible and then a little closer
To know the intoxicating scent of our lover
Or the sweet bliss as two bodies become one
giving us a glimpse of heaven in every perfect moment.


photo credit: Back to the sea via photopin (license)