by Minna Von Walden

She sat there, feeling the music deep within her. Classical piano, drowning out all other sounds, even the ones in her. She heard only the piano melodies. She only felt the piano melodies. The water was rising, she sat there, not moving. She felt the water gently surrounding her, feeling it as she felt the music that filled the room. The level slowly, yet purposefully growing. Water that barely covered he legs, now moving up her body. Over the curves of her hips. Up the sides of her body like the softness of a lover’s hand. The piano becoming quieter, then heavier. Feeling every note as if each one came from the speakers, floating across the room and caressing her skin, finally penetrating to find her soul deep within her body. Building with each second, resonating within her like light in a dark room. Filling her, until not an inch was left untouched. Steam filling the room as the water continued to rise. Her face relaxed and emotionless, almost as is she were sleeping. Hearing nothing, feeling nothing, only the piano and the water.

One foot dangling over the edge of her tub. Smooth and hard against her delicate skin. Perfectly polished toes; a seductive contrast of red on her alabaster skin. Water caressing, rising over her shoulders. Music penetrating and sinking deep within her. Arousing her soul, much the same way as only a lover can arouse the body. The water climbing higher, teasing her neck as it moved in closer, reaching, steadily rising. The sounds of the piano echoing through her body, pulsating through her veins. Mingling with her blood, causing tremors with each flow through her heart. The music and the rising water fighting for dominance, for which will over take her first.

Water dripping from the tub as the music pulsated in her ears. A sound that penetrates and rips though the water to reach her heart.

photo credit: [Al risveglio] via photopin (license)