What do you see?

5262810257_76ce254749_oHe took her by the hand.

‘Walk with me.’

He was silent, she was as well. They walked along a bare path. Nothing there remained, only his hand in hers. Silence still. Silence between them, but it was beautiful. He was beautiful. The most beautiful man she’d ever known. Beauty to the eye, visually a sight to admire. Deeper though, his beautiful spirit. Kind and gentle, flooding through him like honey in a hive. Even deeper, his heart, the most beautiful of all. A heart she had shared great intimacy and would share even more. Intimacy that was better than any other high to be found on this planet.

Lost in her thoughts, she began to dream. Sweet lovely, beautiful daydreams. His voice almost too quiet, she almost didn’t hear it over her own thoughts. Awakened from her daydreams, she looked around at the barren path where they stood.

‘What do you see?’ Soft, curious words from his mouth.

A quick glance around her, then her eyes stopping on his. A soft smile as she spoke her answer.

‘Beauty, I see beauty.’

A chuckle and a smile back at her. ‘Of course you do.’


photo credit: Marie via photopin (license)