Monthly Archive: December, 2015

A million possibilities

A million possibilities by Minna Von Walden Colors, lines, today, tomorrow. A million thoughts, a million more possibilities. The sky is blue, the sky is gray. A thousand lines, or only one. Twelve… Continue reading


Tuesday by Minna Von Walden Tuesday. Tuesday was the day. Tuesday was the day he made her a promise he didn’t keep. I’ll never want another. It’s you and only you,babe. I promise… Continue reading

Do you need him?

Do You Need Him? by Minna Von Walden ‘Do you need him?’ ‘Anna, is he the air in your lungs, the face you see when you close your eyes? Is he the memory… Continue reading

Love in Monochrome

Love in Monochrome by Minna Von Walden Sometimes we experience a juncture in our lives where there is some darkness, a little brightness and a whole lot of gray area. Love in Monochrome… Continue reading

What she wants is you.

What she wants by Minna Von Walden What she wants, She wants a man that is caring, affectionate and not afraid to call her his girl. Who smiles when he sees her, with… Continue reading

Not Yet

Not Yet by Minna Von Walden She found herself sitting in a crowded gymnasium. It was full of children, parents, aunts and uncles, and so many other people. Sometimes she really enjoyed these… Continue reading

Hold Onto the Pain

Hold Onto the Pain by Minna Von Walden When my heart is broken, or even just a little bruised, I try to hold onto that moment, or moments. What it feels like, how… Continue reading

I Want to Kiss You

I want to kiss you by Minna Von Walden I want to kiss you. His words catching her unexpectedly. Thoughts coming to life in her mind. Thoughts of how his lips would taste,… Continue reading


weak. She’s exhausted, she needs arms to catch her. Her body is weak, she needs arms to carry her. Her heart is heavy, she needs compassion to cure her. Love, his love. photo… Continue reading

I Never Mean to Hurt You

I Never Mean to Hurt You by Minna Von Walden Please understand, I never mean to hurt you. It is never my intention. I do my best to control my words, to control… Continue reading