Confetti in the Rain

10907450865_713909a14b_bConfetti in the Rain
by Minna Von Walden

It was time to start again. I left the pain and emptiness behind. All of the people who hurt me, and all of the circumstances that threatened my inner peace. I let it go, released it, bit by bit. Like confetti falling from my hands. Dull, old, rough pieces of confetti.

I watched as each piece drifted from my hands, down to the ground, gone.

As hard as I tried to release them, some of those pieces come flying back in my direction.

Sometimes I feel like I have been caught in a thunderstorm. Thunder and lightening begin to serve as a warning of the trouble ahead. Maybe I’m learning to see the warning, and get in out of the storm, but there are still times that I forget how to get inside, how to escape the storm.

The wind begins, blowing those pieces of confetti back my way. They begin to swirl around me, threatening to compromise my inner peace I so desperately need. I dodge them, brushing them away quickly if they fall on me. The longer I stay, the stronger the wind becomes. The more confetti rushing back to me. Eventually, the rain begins to fall.

I could run inside, get out of the storm, but I don’t always have the strength to do it. The wetness of the rain falling on my skin, my hair, and my clothes. The pieces of my past, of my insecurities, my pain, being carried by the wind. Now sticking to me like glue. I could run, but I just stand in the storm, hoping someone will save me.



photo credit: Back In Your Love via photopin (license)