An Introduction to the Secrets

9024154832_b6b119a697_oSometimes people have secrets. No, everyone has secrets. Whether it be secret thoughts or secret feelings or actions they prefer to keep secret. Whatever the secret, it is still a secret.

I began to see, through close relationships with humans who struggle with life, introverts with social anxiety, low confidence and lack of value. How difficult the simplest things can be. How difficult just living can be. Each of these humans struggling. Struggling with something.

Some struggling to make it day to day, some struggling with living life as a extrovert. Some living with past regrets. Some just trying to forget the pain. Some not sure if the world even knows they exist and some that know, but having trouble remembering it.

Each Struggling, some struggling with secrets, some struggling with just about everything.

I have written a series of posts about struggles, depression, anxiety, and secrets in general and how these topics affect our lives. I will be sharing them over the next few weeks, here as well as via my medium profile.

photo credit: Sinly via photopin (license)