With Just a Touch

With Just a Touch
by Minna Von Walden

Awakened by a soft movement at her side. The sound of each breath, the rise and fall of his chest. The moonlight gently falling through the window, caressing his body like a river of light. Her hand reaching out, finding the moonlight flowing over her fingers. A quiet touch, so soft that only the silence of the night remained. The sound of his breath, the only sound heard. In a single graceful movement, her heart fluttered at the sensation of his skin against hers. Fingers lightly moving across his chest and then back, resting near the middle. His heart beating beneath her hand, comfort and happiness coming to life in her own heart. She rests her head on his shoulder, relaxing into him, unwillingly drifting back to sleep…

Determined not to lose this moment to dreams, she opens her eyes… to emptiness, darkness and rain just outside the window. Awakening from what could only have been, a dream, to an emptiness and alone to herself. No heart beating under her hand, only her own, no chest to gently caress, just emptiness. Alone with the emptiness of the room and the emptiness in her heart as reality grabs her firmly by the arms and fills her ears with whispers. Whispers of words that say he will never come back. Whispers of words that remind her of her eternal existence alone.


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