She Watched

She Watched
by: Minna Von Walden

The heavens can change our hearts without us even noticing until it’s done. But, then again, there are some changes that we see coming. Gradually, slowly, we feel our hearts changing. Parts waking up, parts dying. Some changes, we fight. We don’t want them. We try to hold onto what is, and what we know. Hold onto what we so desperately wish could stay the same. Participating in a war with our own hearts; desperately fighting until we don’t remember how it felt not to fight.

She sat back and watched as her heart began to change. Knowing what was happening, not wanting the outcome. Still, she only watched. And felt. She felt each change deep in her bones. Her heart filling with something she wasn’t sure she wanted. But, she watched. She did nothing to stop it or to prolong it. It would happen, the change beyond her control. She sadly, only watched. As time passed, her heart changing more with the passing days, she watched. She began to accept it, to accept the inevitable. This may be weakness, or perhaps courage to accept, but still, she only watched.


photo credit: via photopin (license)