Monthly Archive: November, 2015


Darkness by Minna Von Walden Something dark, just along the edges of sanity. Emotions hiding in the shadows, screaming to escape. Pleading with the light to wrap around the curves. Wrap around and… Continue reading

Fine, Wide Lines

Fine, Wide Lines by Minna Von Walden I’m always on that fine line of holding on and walking away. Maybe it’s not such a fine line, but maybe just a line that’s there… Continue reading

Confetti in the Rain

Confetti in the Rain by Minna Von Walden It was time to start again. I left the pain and emptiness behind. All of the people who hurt me, and all of the circumstances… Continue reading

An Introduction to the Secrets

Sometimes people have secrets. No, everyone has secrets. Whether it be secret thoughts or secret feelings or actions they prefer to keep secret. Whatever the secret, it is still a secret. I began… Continue reading

An Ocean View

An Ocean View by Minna Von Walden The room was warm, but cool, a rather comfortable temperature. Not too cold, not too hot, but just right. The sounds of ocean waves gently kissing… Continue reading

With Just a Touch

With Just a Touch by Minna Von Walden Awakened by a soft movement at her side. The sound of each breath, the rise and fall of his chest. The moonlight gently falling through… Continue reading

Broken Promises Have Made Her

Broken Promises Have Made Her by Minna Von Walden Her eyes were swollen, her head was pounding. One by one, the tears fell from her eyes. Sometimes slowly, sometimes swiftly. With each broken… Continue reading

She Watched

She Watched by: Minna Von Walden The heavens can change our hearts without us even noticing until it’s done. But, then again, there are some changes that we see coming. Gradually, slowly, we… Continue reading

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee by: Minna Von Walden Sitting by the window she watched steam rise from his cup. His morning coffee still hot from the brew. Tracing her fingers over her own cup, She… Continue reading

Just One More Night

Just One More Night by: Minna Von Walden Today. Tomorrow, another year. Who’s really counting anyway? My heart beats to feel yours with it. Can I hold you tonight, can we just be… Continue reading