by: Minna Von Walden

Soft music from up the stairs, a song he recognized; her favorite tune. At the top of the stairs, quietly he listened. A glimpse of her, through the opened bedroom door. Her dress moving like flowers in a breeze, caressing her skin like sun on the petals. He crossed the room and took her hand, pulling her close, feeling her body relax into him. Holding her hand in his, he placed it on his chest. Moving with her to the softness of the tune. Her head on his shoulder, her smile against his skin. No greater heaven she could think of than her heart beating with his. Tenderly he kissed her, thankful he’d always cherished that beautiful heart.

But one day, he didn’t. As time had passed, his attentiveness and adoration had faded. Replaced with the world and many things in it. He still loved her, he was certain she knew how important she was to him, but he failed to show it. He had forgotten to cherish her heart. While his back was turned, his eyes focused on something else. She gently released his hand, turned and quietly walked away. She didn’t wonder if he would notice, she knew he would in time. Her question was, how long would it take, and was she important enough to follow.

His regret filled the silence once he finally realized she was gone. One step at a time, up the stairs his feet carried him. Happy memories pouring from the walls like the sound of her music from days gone by. He sorrowfully pushed open the door. The smell of her sweet scent still lingered in the room. A place he often found her, now silent and empty. Her skin that once warmed his, missing, gone from his reach. The sound of her laughter stolen from his ears, the softness of her smile lost from his eyes. Regretfully remembering, he should have followed.


photo credit: hayley / LC-A via photopin (license)