Just get over It. Well, fuck you Lady.

I just love when people tell me to “get over it”. I’m not on the mood to be tested today. People are cruel and insensitive, the best will tell you they are, the… Continue reading

It’s you I see when I close my Eyes.

My heart still aches. The wounds are still there, still bleeding from time to time. I’ve thrown myself into projects, education and such. I put my nose in a textbook, just hoping that… Continue reading

What is, but isn’t.

What is there, but isn’t there? Hands on my face, pulling me near I long for his kiss that touches my skin, But never comes near my body. His voice I hear in… Continue reading

I reached out to a friend tonight

Tonight has been bad, very bad. My heart continues to break and I’m beginning to believe that maybe you just don’t want me. You don’t love me. My heart breaks a little more… Continue reading

A Love that changes… Everything

A friend asked me last night if I was doing ok, was I feeling better. My response, “No, I’m not ok, I won’t be ok until he comes home.” Why on earth do… Continue reading

The Heart Shatters, it Breaks & Bleeds

The heart breaks, it shatters, it falls to the floor in a bloody mess. We open ourselves to love, knowing full well we will suffer for it. The promise of something great, something… Continue reading

Remove that Shit

Over the years, I have learned that writing eases my pain. Catharsis. This most recent event, heartbreak, has made me rethink everything I’ve ever published. I’ve loved others before, I’m human and I’ve… Continue reading

Stop Torturing Yourself

My friends keep telling me to stop torturing myself, to find something to get my mind off of him. I can’t. I don’t want him off of my mind. I want him there,… Continue reading

He was Gone – A Nightmare becomes Reality

We know that our dreams mean something, most of us do, I always have. It wasn’t until today that I remembered a dream that I had several years ago. One that left me… Continue reading

Depression & Karma

Depression. Yes, it’s depression along with an unhealthy dose of fear. I haven’t changed clothes in three days, haven’t showered, I’ve barely eaten. I’ve stayed by my phone, I’ve jumped up every time… Continue reading